Toastmasters International District 91 Annual Conference


  • Engage organizational membership

  • All of which are very much prefer to meet fain person not online

  • Provide something out of the ordinary e.g., audience used to being on Zoom daily

  • Two online conferences held in the past due to COVID-19, need to reignite interest

  • Integrate Zoom for user comfortability and contest guidelines


  • I sourced the Whova event platform

  • Offers a wide amount of engagement features including; gamification, leaderboards, community chat, photo uploads

  • The app became a social and social media hub for the month leading up to the conference

  • Agenda was formulated in Whova to allow attendees to bookmark sessions from over 25 sessions

  • Rehearsals hosted for speakers, moderators and technicians to teach them how to use this new platform

  • Zoom integrated for necessary contests, stream tools and features used for simu-live content, opening ceremonies and other complicated sessions

  • Competitions held to boost engagement with regular leaderboard updates

  • Over 8,095 messages sent between an audience of 220 people, one of the highest rates of engagement the Whova sales team have seen on any event and well above average

Client Feedback

“A joy to work with from start to finish. He (Alistair) presented a short of selected platforms to us for our virtual/hybrid event, unafraid to ask questions, and was a trusted leader a team that delivered an event to remember. As a result of his work ethic (something commented on by many!) I created a new role in my next team that will allow for his skillset to further shine and add value to our members.”

Hybrid Pharmaceutical Streamed Event

An international pharmaceutical clinical trail needed to kick off and train its Investigators despite COVID-19.

  • The presenters were on stage in San Antonio with cameras and full AV setup.

  • A UK studio took the feed, packaged and streamed it out to international viewers. I oversaw both the UK and the US team, acting as the moderator and announcer for the live audience.

  • I sourced the venue, providers, equipment and team. Questions were taken from both audiences including an engagement app.

  • Two remote presenters were also brought in alongside the main feed from the San Antonio stage.

Aylesbury Town Council Onsite Support

Since 2018 I have volunteered onsite for Aylesbury Town Council. My roles have included:

Safety and Scoring Lead: In charge of the safety checks of carts running in the soap box derby as well as submitting and collating scores through the tracking technology and sentinels.

Stage Manager: In charge of ensuring acts are on time both for the Live in the Park event and rehearsal.

Onsite general support: Supporting with general responsibilities including liaising with the public, litter picking, signage and overseeing volunteers.